Court Of Arbitration Of The Vienna Stock Exchange

A registration in the commercial register is not required

As a service facility, the Vienna commodity exchange has a court of arbitration, which acts on the basis of statutory legal basis for the swift, competent and cost-effective settlement of disputes, or the securing of evidence by expertise and creating

Regulation of the Federal Minister for Finance and the Federal Minister for Economics and labour in agreement with the Federal Minister of justice for the implementation of article XIII EGZPO rules of arbitration of the Vienna stock exchange Gazette. July (PDF-File KB).

The fourth regulation of the Federal Minister for Finance and the Federal Minister for digitalisation and business location of arbitration per the agreement with the Federal Minister for the Constitution, reforms, deregulation and the judiciary for the implementation of article XIII of the introductory act to the civil procedure court fees regulation. Every business, regardless of whether a single person or company whether In - or a foreigner has to go to court right in front of the stock exchange arbitration. One of the parties to the dispute are (in General it is the complaining party) must be a member of the Vienna commodity exchange.

In the following years, an annual membership fee of EUR, to

Stock exchange to become a member on application and payment of a one-time joining fee of EUR.

A withdrawal is possible at any time.

The stock exchange arbitration court can be called for all claims arising from sale of goods contracts, even for the mere payment of claims (this to be completed faster, because the Sued the Court of arbitration of tries because of the expertise of the referees, to construct, for example, the unfounded quality of decencies).

The jurisdiction of the court of arbitration must be agreed for the event of a dispute by the parties in writing. It is the inclusion of the following clause in the contract of sale (closing letter):'the arbitration clause: all disputes arising from this contract or from the in the Future between the parties, closed shops, under both contract parts with the exclusion of the ordinary courts with the arbitration rules and the arbitration court of the Vienna commodity exchange, which shall apply Austrian law.