German lawyer hotline: FAQ

The lawyer is liable for his information

With the cooperation of lawyers of the German Attorney hotline is independently practicing lawyers with years of experience, which have been shown to have a approval and in addition to legal advice via a Hotline or E-Mail in their daily firm's operation and to the court their legal competence

In addition to the legal Can be, we choose our partners is also a good communication ability, so that even the most complex legal issues simply and clearly explained.

Each lawyer has their own main areas of competence in different areas of the law. Our telephone system ensures that each participant advises the end of a lawyer only in his priorities. The German lawyers hotline only cooperates with experienced lawyers, who have a valid registration.

You can ask questions to all the right areas

A pre-selection and constant quality control allow you to reliable information. Yes, the legal consultant shall be liable for its legal information by telephone or E-Mail in the same way as in the case of a personal on-site consultation in his office.

However, please note the following instructions: A lawyer can advise you only in the best way possible, if you tell him the facts of the case is open and no information has been withheld.

For this, it is sometimes necessary to answer any questions of the lawyer completely.

In addition, many legal issues are not absolutely clear answer.

With the same facts, decisions and judgments of judges can vary to judge what can not be seen by any lawyer before. Also, many legal problems are controversial and are assessed in the legal literature are very different. Of course, a lawyer can give you however, a competent legal assessment of the different perspectives of a legal case, explain to them options for action, highlighting as well as recommendations for their further right to secure action Express. Our Cooperation lawyers only give advice in the areas of their expertise. If you have a question of law to a specific legal area, you can select this here: All areas of law. By clicking on the relevant area of law, you can obtain further information about the Department, and a contact number. With this, you will be connected directly with a lawyer versed in the field. For the most important areas of law, there are direct elections, which will take you directly to a lawyer in the relevant area of expertise can speak. To your questions on a specific Problem, a General inquiry, or the basic assessment of a legal problem.

According to a survey among our cooperating attorneys to approximately percent of the callers can be immediately on the phone helped.

Thus the lawyer can quickly answer your questions and are qualified, you should take some short preparations: For the telephone legal advice about the lawyer hotline is to be charged only for the telephone charges of. nine of the ten VAT, mobile phone charges may vary). The average telephone legal consultation costs, with about eight minutes to about sixteen Euro.

You pay only if the lawyer answers the phone.

For the automatic announcement no cost to you. In minutes the price of the consultation fee of the lawyer. There are no other costs for you. Yes: as soon As the call exceeds a price of fifty Euro (so, after about twenty-five minutes) disconnects from our System to the security of the connection, so you don't unintentionally high costs. The legal advice by phone will be conveniently billed on your phone bill. There is no separate invoice will be issued. On the phone bill, the amount will appear under 'legal advice' or 'German lawyers 'hotline'. This is proof to the Legal advice costs to be tax-deductible, provided they are entitled to do so.

Because of the complexity of the legal issues is very different, the advice duration of up to a maximum of twenty-five minutes, because then the connection to your Costs will be disconnected automatically.

The average legal advice by telephone will take approximately eight minutes and costs only about sixteen euros. It is not uncommon that a short time after a phone consultation questions occur - for example, if one has forgotten, one aspect to address, or because the rights issue has taken an unexpected turn. It is most meaningful, then, the consultation with the lawyer to continue with your case. This saves you as a client time and money.

Each of the cooperation lawyer, the German lawyers hotline has a personal extension number you can reach him with questions directly.

You can easily be the number at the end a Call call and make a note of this. If you have not listed the number, or moved: not a Problem. Here you will find a list of all the cooperation of lawyers, their personal extension, and your periods of service and short profiles. The call on the eleven eight thirty-eight is connected in the control case, unfortunately, with a slightly higher cost: The rate per minute is. Euro (incl nine out of ten VAT from the landline network of Deutsche Telekom, possibly differing prices from mobile networks) as effectively as on the numbers. The eleven eight-thirty and you will be connected initially, however, with the information service - ask if the lawyer hotline, and with an approved cooperative lawyer, the German lawyers hotline - during this mediation will be charged the per-minute rate of the information. This differs from insurance to insurance is very different and is, in part, from the respective Tariff.

Since the phone consultation directly above Your phone bill is paid, you have to assume the costs, however, in any case, at first.

Please ask your legal protection insurance, whether you are the proof on the phone bill ('legal advice' or 'German lawyers 'hotline') then a refund can submit. In the case of the E-Mail advising of a proper invoice will be issued. For this, we need your first and last name and your postal address. For any questions we also take a phone number. Please check your Spam mailbox. Sometimes the answer of the lawyer is intercepted by spam filters and lands in your Inbox. You should also find there is no answer, please get in touch. After the attorney has answered the right question, you can ask for free questions, if there should be an understanding problem. Even simple follow-up questions to answer, the lawyers usually free of charge. But this is at the discretion of the Prosecutor, the but this episode is out of the question.