How do I get an electronic travel passport in the Russian Federation. The order of the reception, time, and cost. Useful information for all

All, now you can use the received electronic card

How do I get an electronic travel passport in the Russian Federation. In addition, your data is in the System is clogged up, you will be photographed on a document, then you give something such as a title number, and the process of creating an electronic mapThen you get an envelope - it is an electronic travel pass and a PIN Code. You can submit an application for a new Generation of passports (pick-up) is possible on the Website of the public services (which means that you have to be registered in the government services online). In the year, electronic issuing of passports begins, but a paper passport is not cancelled, so that the Person, until there is an election, whether electronically or on paper, the Pass he needed. Electronic passport can be obtained at the same place where you get a paper Pass is issued in the rule in the passport office.

The procedure for Change of passport can be ten days or more.

But it costs quite expensive, in the order - rubles

The electronic passport will be made in the Form of a plastic card with the personal data of the citizen of Russia, a key of the electronic signature. You need to fill out an application, in this case, the attention of a valid passport, birth certificate, marriage, divorce (if require), a electronic photo file. You can track the progress of the execution in the personal area. If the application receives the Status 'Accepted', can get a citizen a passport At the end of the waiting time of the request receives the Status 'Completed', and the applicant receives an invitation stating the time, date and place of submission of required documents. An electronic travel pass is issued and on the day of submission of the application to the FMS issued if all required documents are submitted. In order to obtain a passport, you need a Fee of rubles pay. You can pay in cashless order A good and current theme is now passes a lot of talk on the subject of the exchange of travel, the fear has to get a new passport, a Bank card or similar, and someone wants to quickly change the old passport to the new one.