Income tax return statement: return submit for reimbursement

The Income Tax Return contains the collection of the income and expenditure of a taxpayerDepending on the ratio of income and expenditure a repayment over can, for example, in the case of the income tax return. What information do you need as a taxpayer in the income tax Declaration. Taxes back from the tax office - this is only about the income tax return. The income tax Declaration serves the purpose of the tax the amount of income tax. The income tax is set according to various circumstances of life. In the income tax Declaration must be specified, therefore, all income and deductible expenses. The income tax Declaration must be submitted to the tax office For this purpose, the ESt A cover sheet. It consists of four pages and the personal details asks for, the type of income, special expenses, and other charges. In addition, the document says the income tax information also, what are the other facilities of income tax return in the RMA.

With the bow, the tax office can find the main facilities and assign, which are attached to the Declaration. The ESt A cover sheet is divided by lines The deadline for filing the income tax return, a lot has happened.

Here are the income tax Declaration period-Changes at a Glance: it Is a duty, an income tax return. Who has as employees for social insurance Job, is not automatically obliged to file an income tax return. Sometimes a voluntary tax assessment to the tax office is worth it - if a high tax refund is expected. These are the most common reasons why a duty to submit a tax Declaration is present, in addition, there are other reasons to undertake an income tax return.