Lawyer-emergency-App ÖRAG legal protection insurance

You are in urgent need of legal help or are looking for a lawyer for a specific ProblemFor example, because you have just been involved in a traffic accident or the police stopped you because of a rough traffic offense. Whether you need an emergency urgent legal aid, questions about your legal protection in the contract, or for useful tips around the topic of legal protection of interest: The lawyer-emergency-App ÖRAG offers you together with the lawyer network in the D. (German law lawyer Service GmbH) with a comprehensive benefits package. The lawyer-emergency, we convey to you in case of an emergency within Germany around the clock, a self-employed lawyer for a phone consultation. For your customers, the ÖRAG takes rechtsschutz Versicherungs-AG, of course, the fees. This is also used for the placement of a qualified practising lawyer who advises you in your order over the phone on request. The first consultation is included for customers of the ÖRAG from a insured legal protection block for private customers in the insurance contribution. In the lawyer database D R. you can search for lawyers nationwide to lawyers, research, and direct contact with the lawyer of your choice. A further useful value of the fine machine, as well as the Right News The fine calculator informs you about the important rules of the road and tells you exactly which behaviour can be as expensive. With the Right News, you will receive a monthly information service with valuable practice tips and interesting information on the topic of 'legal protection“.