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The concept of work extends to legal relations between workers, workers organisations, employers and employer associations and contains a number of protective regulations for workers and employees in regular employment, training, parttime work and home work. as a part of private law since the end of the th century Century continuously to a stand-alone special area of law developsHis rules are scattered up today, unsystematic in many different laws, although the unification Treaty provided for is actually a summary uniform law scheme.

In addition, the standards are taken often so abstract that the decisions of the labour courts an even more important significance than in other areas of the law.

Generally, a distinction between individual labour law and collective labour law, on the other. Individual labour law the law relates to the relationship between the employer and the employee and engages in numerous situations, not only in a working relationship, but time is already in preparation (job interview, travel costs, etc.) and also about the termination (notice of termination) (certificate of employment, confidentiality, non-competition, etc.). However, in the case of an existing employment relationship, a variety of can legal conflicts may occur. This can be an instruction, which the employer granted a transfer to another job, a rejected holiday or a warning, if the employee does not, for example, correctly.

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Also, Mobbing and Bossing can play in the working world of today is increasingly a role. The collective labour law or collective labour law involves the legal relationship between employers, employers 'associations and workers' representatives (trade unions), i.e, not only individual employers and employees, but entire groups. It contains the rules of the collective bargaining agreement and right to strike (collective agreement act), to the operating agreement, co-determination of works Council (works Council Constitution act), inter alia, the starting point of labour law, the employment relationship between the employee and the employer. It is based on a contract (special service contract), the contract of employment. For the employment contract, § § ff apply The German civil code (BGB) and numerous special laws, such as, for example: Moreover, law is also EU directives (European law), the provisions of the collective agreement (depending on the industry or individual firm) are covered under the work, operating agreements or service agreements. An independent source of law represents the so-called company Practice (operational exercise), which applies, inter alia, for special payments (bonus): Here is a claim of the employee in voluntarily by the employer premiums paid (Christmas bonus, attendance bonus, etc.) because of his protection, trust worthy, on receiving the Bonus, because he's already been, continuously, uniformly and unconditionally paid for by the employer. Elimination of the company Practice, is only by a change in the contract or a change notice. Because of the special importance of employment law disputes is for law, a separate court branch responsible, the labour jurisdiction. The first instance is the is the respective competent labour court (AG), the regional labour court (LAG) and as a last instance, the Federal labour court (BAG) in Leipzig. Someone claims to be, through the judgments of the labor courts in its constitutional rights have been violated, he shall, in addition, also the way to the Federal constitutional court (BVerfG). Legal regulations for the proceedings before the labour courts, in particular, the code of civil procedure (ZPO), the court costs act (GKG) and the labour court act (ArbGG). You have a legal Problem and are looking for a lawyer in your area who can advise you on all questions relating to the work to be quite comprehensive. In the case of a lawyer, you can easily find the right lawyers for your legal problem. Lawyer - one of the leading companies in Germany for modern-day legal advice and Legal Tech. Select the desired location in your area, and you will receive a list of firms that have in the area of law employment law special knowledge.

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