Procedure for obtaining of the provisional ecclesiastical teaching permission

Religion teach in a public school to require the presentation of an ecclesiastical teaching permission to the competent district governmentAfter the first state examination for food competent Evangelical Church in the Rhineland provides a preliminary ecclesiastical teaching permission. This is obtained by the following steps: first, you need to inform the country representative of their own personal data, and agree that you will not provide religious education in accordance with the principles of the Evangelical Church. You need to fill out the corresponding personal information sheet. Ask informally (by telephone.) to: Evangelical Church in the Rhineland, The Country in charge of the Church Department of IV education Department IV. the in form, required documents include, in particular, The provisional ecclesiastical teaching permission can only be in the Presence of all required documents. Please send all documents together in one envelope The provisional ecclesiastical teaching permission is granted and a certificate sent to you. On this Basis, the self-employed issue of Ev's Religious education, provisionally. For the support of religion teachers and religion teachers, Church groups, school presentations entertain. The Links to the Homepages of education departments of the Church districts of Essen and Duisburg you will find in the right column.

After the Second state exam and four years of probation (including a traineeship.