Reviews by lawyer Philip Müller (defense-criminal) lawyer

Would like to thank you for them

Prejudgement and many of the bugs had already led to a muddled case to save the, no lawyer dared, until I found Mr Müller and his colleagues: Together, they have saved a catastrophic process, and after almost two years of nightmare, an acquittal securedThank you very much. You have used for me. I had not believed in a fair judgment, but you have not given up. My husband has now received his sentence and must stay away from me. Thank you for everything.

Am ill-and well-by Mr Müller represented

My man from the U-stick got dear Mr.

Miller, we appreciate very much what you have done for our family. Made from the very first Moment a reliable impression. Phone always accessible to me. Miller, it was thanks to it alone, that our Oldest has once again come up with a black eye. Are committed to you with all my heart. I was lost after over a year of every hope and thought that this nightmare comes to an end. Miller has helped my family a lot, I can recommend him without reservation.

Miller is very Knowledgeable and we were able to achieve a positive result.

I would recommend Mr. Miller at any time Thank You Very Much.