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Over one Million customers have already been able to sell with our fast and secure Service your carAfter a personal assessment of Your car used by our car experts, You can find out which sale is the suitable option for You and Your car best. Anyone who puts in the car sales value on comprehensive Service and good advice that is in-your car properly. Book now convenient online the date of Your choice in a branch of Your choice. You can find us at over locations throughout Germany. Never before has the car for sale was so easy. After a personal assessment of Your car used by our car experts, You can find out which sale is the suitable option for You and Your car best. Anyone who puts in the car sales value on comprehensive Service and good advice that is in-your car properly. Book conveniently online now the date of Your choice in a branch of Your choice. You can find us at over locations throughout Germany. According to a survey from the year, approximately seventy percent of Germans would sell your car online.

Thus, the Internet is the most popular starting point for private car sale.

At the same time, the range of Internet platforms that have specialized in the private car sales are increasing. But where are the risks and disadvantages of the car are selling through the Internet. The survey clearly, Many private car seller in the passenger car concerns that something could go wrong. your car provides the perfect deal when it comes to the successful car sale. In order for You to sell easily and securely, we offer You a comprehensive service package at zero cost. A thorough car inspection, and a excellent of customer care, the core elements are. To one of our services, the completion of all necessary formalities in addition to accurate vehicle assessment. You sell Your car-your car, You will benefit from our experience and our know-how.

We are represented throughout Germany and at any time for You - whether by E-Mail or by phone.

Just book easily via our website for an appointment for inspection of Your vehicle in a store near you.

Our car expert, with You a short test drive in Your car. The subsequent assessment takes approximately thirty minutes. German Drivers every seven years change in the average vehicle. A Routine in a car sale can occur.

A successful car sale is prevented, for example, by a low demand on the used car market: the model type is not in demand, the Image of the car brand has suffered in recent times, or the vehicle Design is no longer up-to-date.

Even the type of car paint can be a reason for buying the absence of interested parties. Your car is in Matt black instead of glossy metallic lacquered, this is not the case, under certain circumstances, the current taste. There are countless factors that can affect the value of a used car. A market analysis is therefore difficult, especially if You as a private person lacks the necessary expertise. You want to keep You in the car to sell only on Your Region, fall in addition, the chances of getting an attractive sale proceeds. The reason for this is that the average sale price of in a nationwide comparison, can vary. The statistics Portal Statista has demonstrated this. In Regensburg, Würzburg and Flensburg, the highest prices for second-hand be achieved, therefore, cars.

The solution for these and other potential difficulties, however, is very simple: anyone Who sold a car privately, it's best to choose a professional car buyer that is represented in the entire Federal territory Used.

In addition, the suitable partners offers a variety of options for the sale of the car. This provider did You already found, because over-your car You can sell almost all of the used cars. The value of each car is determined by us individually. As a nationally represented company, we offer You the ideal solutions for Your vehicle. The car for sale with-your car is always easy and efficient. Instead of a lot of Stress, and high cost, we offer You a comprehensive Service package.

If You preferred, for example, to a private person, would like to sell, help we like You.

Private sale offers You the perfect opportunity to retain full control over the sale and nonetheless a large part of the expense. During the vehicle assessment in our stores are already compiled all the important data together and professional photos of Your car created. This we use for the professional marketing of Your car. Finally, when a successful sale is always on the presentation: a detailed and attractive listing arouses interest. The display is switched, notify a number of potential buyers. This can happen at any time of day or night, which means a huge effort. These calls we take for You. The dubious requests are screened and only serious buyers to You.

Never before has the car for sale was so easy

The rest of the selling steps You take now for yourself: test driving, price negotiations and The conclusion of the contract.

You decide, whom will You sell Your car. A further advantage of the private sale: If You've already received a direct sale price or a bid from the dealer auction, helps this value for the orientation of Your desire price to market the vehicle for You. Learn the contemporary Art of the car sale know and take a chance on our performance profile. We are the best sale option on the market."I want to get rid of my car - but how. “ This is a question every day, countless car owners. There are some ways to sell your own vehicle: newspaper advertisements, friends, Acquaintances, family members, the Bulletin Board in the supermarket, used car dealer around the corner, the auto export or Auto trade-ins when buying new cars.

All of these Sales channels have one big disadvantage: It only reaches a few people.

With the Internet, the major came Used cars stock exchanges and the auto auction. Online can present you his old car to a wide audience in Germany and Europe.

With a public listing or an abandoned display You can reach a countless number of private buyers and car dealers.

If You sell through an ad for Your car in private, the Service is usually free of charge. A Problem of the above-mentioned way of Selling: How you can prevent that you sold the used car value, or too expensive and it does not get rid of. If a potential car is the value calculated where to sell his car. Finally, You want to achieve the best terms and conditions a fair price for Your car and that too for free. You don't know as a seller how serious the potential buyer or car dealer. We have an innovative combination of vehicle evaluation and car there is a gap in the hitherto opaque car buying market is closed. You as the vehicle owner about now - your car, a reputable car buyers, without obstacles, determine the value of Your car and selling Your used car quickly and safely. We are the number one used car purchases in Germany.

Before You buy a new car, are You busy with the car sale.

Therefore, numerous formalities, such as Vehicle de-registration, cancellation of auto insurance, and much, much more to come to You. But not with us We take care of everything that may be incurred in the sale of options of the expert assessment by an expert on the creation of the secure purchase contract, up to and including cancellation of Your used car.

Our strict privacy policy guarantees Your safety.

Through our private sale, we are the best Option.

With less effort, it is nowhere possible to make the sale individually. In addition, You have no risk, because there is no sale, forced or criminal charges. If You have a Direct sales price and this is still valid, You can stop the private sales directly to us to sell. Our services to the private sale is brought to You only then when You will find our Service to a buyer. What have You got to lose. The sentimental value of a car can probably calculate nobody. But what do I get for my used car, if I want to sell it or need to. The objective value evaluation is for the layman, is actually impossible. Many are trying, the question is"What's my car worth". to answer about the search for similar vehicles to the relevant used car portals, and other friends or Acquaintances to interview. The most promising method of auto appreciation is to ask a professional. In addition to a myriad of paid options, there are some free car reviewer, so your car.

Be it car accident, the car insurance the damage with more covers, a car with engine damage or old used cars, we perform a detailed vehicle inspection by and among, the best selling wide You option for Your vehicle.

In Germany, more than million inhabitants. According to statistics from the German Federal motor transport authority. million German have a driving licence in card form. That was almost forty-two of all citizens. How many people have the old driving license from paper, is not known. January there were forty-five million passenger cars were registered in Germany for road traffic. Most of them in North Rhine-Westphalia. your car individual sale offers options for almost every car. With us You can find a fair car-purchase - best Service at zero cost included. The mileage or the condition of the car play no role. Thus, the car purchase in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania just as easy to purchase in North Rhine is like a car-Westphalia are our Branches in the entire Federal territory. And there are constantly new ones. In large cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Düsseldorf or Dortmund You can find us at several locations.

In more rural regions, we are available for You personally.

Our goal is that You are never more than fifty miles from our nearest branch is removed live.